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As you'd expect from a top-tier professional conference organizer, the Global Association of Educational Research and Publications (GAERP) produces beautifully conducted conferences.It is the world's largest non-profit professional organization dedicated to research development and promotion in the fields of science, engineering, technology, management, business, marketing, statistics and mathematics, economics and social science, agriculture, biology, environmental and plant science, and medical and health science.We provide you with an exceptional team of individuals that make the experience enjoyable. During the GAERP conferences, people from all walks of life ask challenging questions, learn from one another, and engage in lively debates on today's most pressing topics.It facilitates the exchange of information, experience, and partnerships between business and academics, as well as the evaluation of new innovations throughout the world.

To bridge the gap between curriculum and practical implementation among students, research scholars, professors, Engineers, academicians & scientists, the organization organizes technical conferences, seminars and workshops throughout the country. Today, GAERP is a leading publisher of peer-reviewed journals, science and academics magazines, and research papers. Geniuses and wizards in the field of engineering are able to conduct extensive research and development with the help of the organization, which provides financial assistance so that economic constraints do not interfere with technical growth and research development. Research students' analyses are published in prestigious journals with a higher impact factor by our editorial board, which is comprised of highly qualified professionals. It also partners with the world's leading publishers to promote its innovative products and services.GAERP conferences bring together people from all walks of life to discuss the most pressing issues of the day and to learn from one another in a friendly and supportive environment. Between business and academia, it facilitates the exchange of information as well as the formation of new partnerships. It also allows for an evaluation of new innovations around the world.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Network and collaborate with researchers at all stages of your career to raise your profile.
  • Discuss your research ideas with seasoned colleagues and get their feedback.
  • Through discussion sessions and a variety of other activities, you can connect with researchers and explore possibilities within and beyond your respective research areas.
  • Possibility of publishing your research paper in one of the conference's affiliated journals.
  • The opportunity to have a keynote speaker / session chair as well as a free membership certificate. The Young Scientist, Best Paper, and Best Presentation Awards are all up for grabs.
  • A chance to work with us to organize a conference and seminar at your university, institute, or company.
  • The opportunity to receive a special reward for referring colleagues, students, and friends to attend the conference.


  • The GAERP's sole purpose is to initiate, establish, and encourage research for the benefit of mankind in the fields of science, engineering, technology, management, economics, social sciences, medicine, and health sciences.
  • GAERP is a scholarly organization dedicated to making a global impact on academia and society through technological research and innovation.


  • Academic knowledge is advanced by encouraging research activities.
  • To establish a global community of scholars.
  • A global platform for the promotion of innovative thinking and ideas.
  • Using technology and ideas to make knowledge accessible to everyone.